Two new Diocesan Coordinators

FHL are delighted to announce the appointment of two new Diocesan Coordinators, Fr. Colin Mason for Clifton Diocese and Revd. Michael Garland for Gloucester Diocese. 

Diocesan Coordinators are our ‘eyes and ears’ in the diocese helping identify opportunities, nurturing support, and working with volunteers at deanery and parish level.  

We have two thirds of RC and Anglican dioceses covered. Anyone with a desire to promote FHL at diocesan level please contact the office at or call 01926 512980.

"I was delighted to be asked recently by Bishop Declan, Bishop of Clifton, to be the diocesan coordinator for the Friends of the Holy Land.  This is an important organisation doing crucial work in the Holy Land and surrounding areas, as I saw in my trip to the Annual Conference in Kenilworth in September.  It is always important for Christians here in the UK to remember their brothers and sisters in the Holy Land."

Fr. Colin Mason, DC for Clifton Diocese

I am delighted to be the new Diocesan Coordinator for Gloucester Diocese where I have served in full-time ministry since 2003. Having recently retired I am happy to give my support to FHL. I have visited The Holy Land on several occasions as a Pilgrimage Group Leader and have been keen to observe and encourage the hard-pressed Christian community there to ensure that they are not forgotten. This is a principal aim of FHL and I will strive to do whatever I can to help to promote this cause.

Revd. Michael Garland (picture taken at Tabgha, by the Sea of Galilee)