University Scholarships in Gaza

FHL Supporting Students in Gaza 

FHL scholarship student studying accountancy at Al-Azhar University 

Third year student of Engineering and IT at Al-Azhar University

A dentristry student at Al-Azhar University,  who hopes to become a university professor or work in a dental clinic.  

FHL has an active programme of support for the tiny Christian community living in Gaza. Working in partnership with the Pontifical Mission we support a number of Christian Students at university and college in Gaza. Statistics used to describe life in Gaza are harrowing; the majority of the population are reliant on international food aid and prospects for young people are bleak, with 65% unemployed.

 Our partner at the Pontifical Mission, Joseph Hazboun, recently sent this report on the students progress; 

“This semester we have seen the impact of the lack of electricity in Gaza. Many students are unable to complete assignments and papers (where a computer and the internet is needed). The quality of the tap water is rapidly deteriorating. People are relying more on tank or bottled water for daily use that is a high household expense. We are unsure what the coming semester will hold for these students as daily life in Gaza continues to deteriorate. Our constant message to them is that they must continue to work hard despite these setbacks. We encourage them and do hope that this encouragement gives them the hope they need to strive for a better future.” 

Please hold these students, working hard to give themselves and their community a better future, in your prayers and raise awareness of their situation where you can.