West Bank Summer Camps

FHL were pleased to support two Christian summer schools in the West Bank this year. Our first grant of £2,000 was made to the Diocese of Jerusalem to support a summer school in Nablus, which is 40 miles North of Jerusalem. FHL was one of three organisations to assist this project, providing two weeks respite relief to Christian children and their families from Nablus and the surrounding villages. The second grant of £800 was made to the Latin Parish Beit Jala, a Palestinian town to the East of Bethlehem.

Grants covered the cost of food, trips, transportation, activities and evening events where families were also invited. The camps provided a welcome distraction from the challenges of everyday life growing up as a Christian in the West Bank, and gave the Church an opportunity to engage with their young people outside of Sunday service routines. 

For most West Bank Christians the opportunity for a holiday, as we understand it, is well beyond their means. These camps provided a safe place where their children could relax and have fun.

These camps are the only way we can offer peace, joy, fresh air and happiness to our stressed children”

Fr. Yousef, previously a parish priest in the West Bank 

FHL hopes to support Christian youth camps again next summer and encourages anyone wishing to fundraise to help make this possible to make contact.  Please email office@friendsoftheholyland.org.uk or call 01926 512980.