This spring, help us raise to funds and keep Holy Land children at their schools.

Take on the Pentecost Challenge

Walk, cycle, run or swim the 84-mile pilgrimage route from Bethlehem to Nazareth. 

Click here for the challenge page and click "register" to join in!

  • Take part on your own or as a team and do a few miles each day or week.
  • Log your progress on the virtual map and see where you’ve got to along the route. Have a look around with Google streetview!
  • Hear some unique inside stories from local Christian communities as you make your way to Nazareth.

Follow the instructions to set up your own fundraising page and you’re ready to go!

Join the challenge  Finish your journey by 30 June.

Your virtual journey will begin in Bethlehem... whet your appetite with an insider's view of the city here.

Give a gift

If a sporty challenge isn’t your cup of tea, you can help keep a child in school by simply giving.

Covering the £25 or £50 per month that it costs to support a Christian child’s school fees would take a huge burden off a struggling family and stop the pandemic stealing their future. Even a single donation will help us respond to this need or other hardships caused by the ongoing crisis.

Click here to give


What’s it all about?

Protecting the future of the next generation is an important part of our pandemic response.

A huge number of families across the Holy Land have been plunged into unemployment and poverty during the last year, with no government support. If their children are to continue attending their Christian schools, they need help to pay the (small) school fees.

We always support education in the Holy Land. But as the Covid crisis has unfolded, we have already needed to fund 70 extra families to help to keep their kids in school, and we’re expecting many more requests for this help.

Thanks to the pandemic, we have also been left as the sole funders of Bethlehem’s School of Joy – a rare, vital specialist school for children with learning disabilities. We need to raise extra funds to fully support School of Joy for the next academic year.

For children and young people growing up in difficult places to live, like East Jerusalem, the West Bank or Gaza, and for those with disabilities, a good school is absolutely essential for their wellbeing now and their prospects in the future.

We’d love you to support this year’s Pentecost Challenge so we can continue helping Christian communities through the pandemic, including the next generation. Most of what you raise will help to keep vulnerable children at the schools they need and love, and you’ll also be supporting our wider pandemic response and ongoing programmes across the region.