Speak on behalf of Christians in the Holy Land

Can you speak on behalf of your bothers and sisters in the Holy Land?

Are you rooted in your local Christian community?

Do you have contacts with groups and individuals locally / in your diocese?

What we are asking of you

  • The main thing we ask is a commitment to make up to 4 talks / appeals / presentations per year in your parish, to surrounding Christian communities, colleges, groups etc. 

Would you also consider...?

  • making contact with or helping develop a small group of people to form an FHL Group with the purpose of sharing our mission: spreading awareness, prayer, pilgrimage and fundraising?

What you can expect from us

We are a passionate team who would like to build a wider network of advocates around the country and across dioceses. We will do all we can to support you and help you feel comfortable in going out and spreading the word.  We actively welcome your feedback and would love to hear your ideas too.

We will provide training, sample texts and initial shadowing experience with an existing advocate. You are always welcome to contact Brendan or any of the team at HQ for advice, extra materials or support.  

If you could become an advocate for us, please tell us.