Parish Groups


Many of our supporters are organised though parish groups in Anglican and Catholic parishes across England, Wales and Scotland

Many of our supporters are organised though parish groups in Anglican and Catholic parishes across England, Wales and Scotland.Groups can be as formal and informal as they wish.Some groups meet each month for a period of prayer and reflection, sharing updates from the FHL office team in Kenilworth, identifying how best to spread the FHL message in neighbouring parishes, preparing fundraising initiatives and organising future pilgrimages. Other groups gather a couple of times a year for a Day of Prayer or a fundraising event.Many groups will encourage sponsorship of named families in the Holy Land or specific projects, either as individual supporters or as a group. Sponsorship can include school or university fees (from £20 per month), Family Support at £100 per month for the most desperate families, to those at St. Martha’s House, the School of Joy or other FHL projects, including house repairs, medical cases or employment opportunities.


The file downloads below will help you set up a Friends of the Holy Land group in your Deanery or Parish.

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Our Lady of Palestine

O Mary Immaculate, gracious Queen of Heaven and Earth, we are prostrate at your feet, sure of your goodness and confident in your power.

We beg you to look kindly on the Holy Land, which, more than any other country, belongs to you since you have honoured it by your birth, your virtues and your pain and that it is here where you gave the Saviour of the World.

Remember that you were made Mother and dispenser of graces. Deign to grant special protection to your earthly homeland, so that the sun of eternal justice may shine on it and that the promise, fallen from the lips of your divine Son to form one flock under the guidance of one shepherd, may be fulfilled.

Strengthen us to serve the Lord in righteousness and holiness, everyday of our lives, so that by the merits of Jesus, with your maternal protection, we can pass from the earthly Jerusalem to the splendours of the heavenly Jerusalem.

Prayer at the Shrine of Our Lady, Queen of Palestine at Deir Rafat