FHL at Christmas 

FHL Christmas Cards 

FHL Christmas cards cost £3.75 for a pack of 10 cards and every purchase directly supports Christians living in the Holy Land. Printed in Bethlehem the cards provide employment for local Christian communities and all profits are directed back to the Holy Land to support the neediest Christian families living there.

The six designs each measure 6x4 inches. One card features a photograph of the tree that decorates Manger Square in Bethlehem at Christmas. To help with awareness raising the cards are FHL branded and the greeting reads, ‘With Very Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year’. 

To see the full range and to make an order please download an order form here, email olivewoodproducts@btconnect.com or call the office on 01926 512980. Packs can be posted to you with a small additional charge to cover mailing costs:  

£1.20 for 1 pack, £1.54 for 2/3 packs, £2.90 for 4 packs, £2.85 for 5/10 packs

All payments should be made by cheque payable to ‘FHL Olive Wood Products’, sent to us at time of ordering, and posted to: Olive Wood Products , Friends of the Holy Land, Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2DH.

FHL Vouchers 

 Stuck for a present idea this Christmas? Trying to avoid the giving and receiving of unwanted gifts? Why not consider asking for, or giving, an FHL gift voucher?

At Christmas, when we celebrate Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, what better way is there to give the gift of hope for the Holy Land than by buying an FHL voucher?  Vouchers can be given to a loved one instead of (or as well as!) a material gift. It’s a wonderful way of recognising the true meaning of Christmas whilst also remembering the ‘Living Stones’.

Vouchers can also be used to mark a special anniversary, or simply as a way of thanking someone for being a special friend.

Alternatively, perhaps you would rather support FHL this Christmas than receive a present. If so, you could send this link to friends and family encouraging them to give you a voucher as a way of donating on your behalf.

Vouchers are available in £5, £10 or £15 denominations with each voucher detailing what that donation will provide for needy Christians in the Holy Land:

£5 covers the cost of 5 pints of milk or 3 kilos of rice

£10 will pay for lunch for a widow attending St Martha’s House

£20 will cover the costs of family’s essential living costs for one week

Our vouchers work like this:

- Identify who you know who might appreciate a charitable donation instead of a gift

- Consider who might have sympathies with our work in the Middle East 

- Click here to print off an order form for your vouchers

- Send the completed form with a cheque payable to ‘Friends of the Holy Land’ and post to:  Friends of the Holy Land, Farmer Ward Road, Kenilworth, CV8 2DH

- On receipt of your order the FHL office will post vouchers to you

Olive Wood Products 

The selling of items made from olive wood is a useful conversation starter about the challenges faced by Christians in the Middle East, and the need for their worldwide Christian family to support and encourage them. Why not consider running an olive wood stall after your church service or at your church bazar – you could hand out FHL newsletters at the same time.

We have a range of olive wood items for sale, sourced from the workshops of Christian families in Bethlehem. All profits from these sales go to named Christians in the Holy Land and supports the Christian economy in the West Bank.

The range includes items such as hand crosses and candlesticks, as well as Christmas products including crib sets and tree decorations. Please make your as soon as possible, especially during the run up to Christmas, as stock can be limited. A local volunteer manages FHL’s olive wood sales and a minimum of two weeks should be allowed for order fulfilment.

To see the full range of our olive wood items click here

To see the full pricing list click here 

To make an enquiry about our olive wood items email olivewoodproducts@btconnect.com, or call the office on 01926 512980.

Where does the money go?

All donations made via FHL vouchers, olive wood and Christmas cards support the full range of our work. 

This includes projects in education, employment, health, housing and family support, which help needy Christians living in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan. 

Beneficiaries and projects are identified and verified by FHL’s Holy Land network of ley and clerical professionals, and in partnership with the Anglican Diocese of JerusalemThe Pontifical Mission of Palestine and Jerusalem, and the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Each year FHL supports over 2,000 named Christians living in the Middle East.