Prayers for Lent

Lenten Giving and Reflection

This Lent we remember our brothers and sisters living in the Holy Land.

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Lent Prayers 

We have written the following set of prayers that can be used each week of Lent and also in Holy Week itself. 

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Lent Week 1

Many Christians living in the West Bank and Gaza do not have a regular water supply to their homes. They have to fill containers and ration it to cover the ‘dry’ periods. Please pray for those who are struggling daily with these and similar domestic problems and for FHL who are trying to make life more comfortable for our Christian brothers and sisters via our family support programme.

Lent Week 2

Many Christians have been forced to flee their homes and their land and are living in refugee camps.  Fr George, an Anglican Vicar and Fr Mario, a Catholic Priest are both working to help refugees in Jordan. Please pray for all those who are supporting the Christian refugees as they settle into new communities and that FHL will be able to raise the funds to create sustainable businesses to provide employment for refugees in Jordan.      

Lent Week 3

Each month FHL is presented with a number of medical emergencies. In the Holy Land there is no public health service and all consultations, operations, treatments and medicines have to be paid for by the individual.  Worry about paying for treatment adds greatly to the stress when someone is ill. Please pray that FHL will be able to help those Christians who most need support with their medical bills.    

Lent Week 4

A pilgrimage is a great way for people to deepen their faith through experiencing the places that are central to the Gospel.  They are also a steady source of income for many Christians in the area. Please pray that Christian groups will once more want to travel to the Holy Land and meet their fellow Christians.

Lent Week 5

The Christian community in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and Jordan are served by many hard working, dedicated clergy. Please pray, as we approach Easter, for all priests, vicars, bishops and religious who live in these areas, that they will be strengthened in their ministry serving the people of God. Please also pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood in the church.

Holy Week 

The Way of the Cross is a hard road to walk. As we journey with our Lord to the Cross on Good Friday let us remember all His followers who are living in the land where our Saviour lived and died, may they be strengthened in their faith and know that they are not forgotten by their brothers and sisters in Christ.