Why is Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Important?

FHL believe for the Christian community in the Holy Land to flourish more Pilgrims must make time to visit local Christians and support the local Christian economy. FHL suggest that Pilgrimage itineraries have a balance of visits to Holy Sites and opportunities to engage with the ‘Living Stones’ of the Christian faith.

Need advice on Planning a Holy Land Pilgrimage?

Whilst FHL do not provide pilgrimages we are happy to provide help and support in planning a pilgrimage that uses Christian ground handlers, and uses Christian hotels.  We can help you identify opportunities to worship with local Christians and visit Christian communities such as             St Martha’s House  and the School of Joy. If you would like help in planning your pilgrimage to the Holy Land please contact the office on 01926 512980 office@friendsoftheholyland.org.uk

 “Thank you for arranging our visit to St Martha's House (link) and the School of Joy (link). We had our eyes opened to the plight of ordinary Palestinians in the Holy Land and have decided to do some fundraising for FHL. Our week in the Holy Land was wonderful; probably something we will be unable to repeat.” Holy Land Pilgrim

Looking for a Pilgrimage to the Holy Land?

Are you looking to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land?  Below is a list of pilgrimages, still taking reservations, all of which support the Christian economy in the Holy Land and seek opportunities for pilgrims to meet with present day Christians. For more information, please contact the organiser.