Our People

The Team at FHL

FHL has a UK based Management Committee reporting to a Board of Trustees. The Management Committee meets regularly to guide our work in the Holy Land, review progress and plan new projects. The Trustees ensure full accountability for all funds raised and distributed by FHL and its partners.

FHL have an office in Bethlehem staffed by two part time employees and a Holy Land Committee in the West Bank, consisting of ley and clerical volunteers.

The Holy Land Committee supports the Bethlehem office and helps identify and verify projects and needy Christians requiring support. FHL relies on a network of volunteers across the UK to spread awareness about work and encourage donations of time and money.

FHL are delighted to have the support of both Catholic and Anglican Bishops who enthusiastically express their commitment to our work of the Friends of the Holy Land.

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The contribution of volunteers to FHL is significant. We are fortunate that we have a large network of volunteers supporting our work to ‘Give hope to vulnerable Christians’ in the middle east. This volunteer contribution means that our overheads are low and donors can be confident that over 90% of their donation is going directly to needy Christians in the Wet Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan.

Volunteering Opportunities include:

Admin work in our Kenilworth office

Could you spare half a day a week to help in our office in Kenilworth? Assistance is needed with all sorts of work from stuffing envelopes to keeping our CRM system updated. For more information contact the office on 01926 512980 office@friendsoftheolyland.org.uk

Public Speakers

Do you enjoy public speaking? Volunteers are needed to speak at FHL events across the country. Such opportunities often result in immediate donations as well as sowing seeds for future fundraising events – so we are keen to do as many as possible. All we ask is a willingness to speak in public and we will do the rest - provide slides, handouts and provide any appropriate training. Location is not important – if you feel you can help please email office@friendsoftheholyland.org.uk or call 01926 512980.

Diocesan Contacts

FHL are building a network of contacts across the country to help share our message. If you feel you could act as a link point in your church, parish, deanery or diocese to help with our communications please contact the office on 01926 512980 office@friendsoftheolyland.org.uk

Olive Wood Sales

FHL importing items made of olive wood produced by Christians living in the West Bank. The sale of these items are important for two reasons; firstly they provide employment and income for Christian families in the West Bank and secondly the presence of  Olive Wood stalls at church events can start conversations about the situation faced by todays Christians in the Holy Land and how they need our support. For more information contact the office on 01926 512980 office@friendsoftheolyland.org.uk

Setting up a Church or Parish Group

Groups can be as formal or informal as you wish. Some groups meet each month for a period of prayer and reflection, sharing updates from the FHL office, identifying how best to spread the FHL message, preparing fundraising activities  and organising future pilgrimages. 

The FHL Management Committee

  • Jim Quinn
  • Peter Rand
  • Tony Stokes
  • John Rice

  • Karen Baxter
  • Maria Mc Caffery
  • Marion Homer


Jim Quinn – FHL Chairman

Peter Rand – Vice Chairman and Executive Trustee read more

Tony Stokes Director of Finance and Trustee

Patrick Horsfield

Jim Kelly

Charles Reed

David Ryall

Norah Whelan

FHL Holy Land Committee

Rev. Jamal Khader - Chairman

Dean Hosam Naoum- Dean of St George's Cathedral Jerusalem

Laila Asfoura

George Saadeh

Husam Wahhab

FHL Holy Land Office

FHL have an office Bethlehem staffed by Nancy Wahhab and Reem Aburdeneh

The Friends of the Holy Land is a Registered Charity in England and Wales (1130054)