The Team at FHL

The Team at FHL

FHL has a UK based Management Committee reporting to a Board of Trustees. The Management Committee meets regularly to guide our work in the Holy Land, review progress and plan new projects. The Trustees ensure full accountability for all funds raised and distributed by FHL and its partners. We also have an office in Bethlehem staffed by two part time employees and a Holy Land Committee in the West Bank, consisting of lay and clerical volunteers. The Holy Land Committee supports the Bethlehem office and helps identify and verify projects and needy Christians requiring support.


Volunteers are an essential part of the FHL team enabling us to fulfil our purpose and objectives, to help and encourage our Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

Many of our supporters are organised through parish groups in Anglican and Catholic parishes across England, Wales and Scotland. Many Bishops have appointed a diocesan co-ordinator to help spread the message across their diocese.

If you would like to know how to help the Christian people and communities of the Holy Land, either personally or by developing an FHL support group in your parish, please contact our office. You can become an FHL Advocate, spreading awareness in local parishes, perhaps with a pulpit presentation or speaking to a local organisation.

Please tell your friends and family about Friends of the Holy Land, remember FHL and our Christian Brothers and Sisters in your private prayers, and encourage prayers for them in your church.

The FHL Management Committee

Many of our Management Committee are volunteers, generously giving up their time to ensure oversight of our activities and spending.  

  • Jim Quinn
  • Peter Rand
  • Tony Stokes
  • John Rice

  • Brendan Metcalfe, Executive Director
  • Charles Gibson, PR & Communications Manager
  • Jen Hill, Office Administrator
  • Ruth Blunt, Office Manager
  • Mick Boyle, Trusts and Foundations Manager


Jim Quinn – FHL Chairman

Peter Rand – Vice Chairman and Executive Trustee

Tony Stokes - Director of Finance and Trustee

Jim Kelly

Charles Reed

David Ryall

Fr Mark Madden

Revd David Longe

Sarah Parkhouse

FHL Holy Land Committee

Rev. Jamal Khader - Chairman

Dean Hosam Naoum- Dean of St George's Cathedral Jerusalem

Laila Asfoura

George Saadeh

Husam Wahhab

FHL Holy Land Office

FHL have an office in Bethlehem staffed by Nancy Wahhab and Reem Aburdeneh.

The Friends of the Holy Land is a Registered Charity in England and Wales (1130054)