Fr Fadi Diab, Rector of St Andrew's Anglican Church, Ramallah and St Peter's Anglican Church in Bir Zeit, has published a study conducted this spring, looking at the impact of the Gaza war on Palestinian children. The study is an informal report conducted with parishioners at St. Andrew’s and St. Peter’s last month in Ramallah by a seasoned US-based human rights researcher.

The study reveals that the war in Gaza and rapidly deteriorating conditions in the West Bank have had traumatic effects on children, youth and adults.

Children are experiencing nightmares and display increased fearfulness.

Young adults no longer spend much time going out with friends and find planning for the future very difficult.  They report feeling distraught about the war and worried about how they will pay tuition, find work and travel.

Heads of families expressed deep concern for their children’s safety and long-term well-being--to the extent that some said they have been forced to consider leaving. While they remain steadfast in their faith and leaving is seen as a last resort, they have spent their entire lives under occupation and have already experienced a great deal of hardship. Many said the situation now is the worst it has ever been.

Young people who leave to study abroad or to escape the oppression often don’t ever come back. The Palestinian Christian community is now only 1% of the population in Palestine and continues to shrink. Fewer than 800 Christians remain in Gaza.

The situation is dire.

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