Our Purpose

Our purpose is to secure a resilient and enduring community in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan - the part of the world that Christians call the Holy Land

Our Objectives

  • To raise awareness of the challenges facing the Christians of the Holy Land
  • To encourage prayer on their behalf
  • To generate financial resources to give them a sustainable future
  • To encourage visits (pilgrimage) to the Holy Land to meet local Christians 

In 2020 the situation in the Holy Land is becoming more challenging, making our reason for existence ever more important. Christians in the Holy Land are doing their best to continue their daily lives in difficult circumstances and we are doing our best to help make their lives just a little easier. 

In our 10th year, we ask you to think about how you can Stand Firm with our Brothers and Sisters in the Holy Land and show them they are not forgotten by Christians in the UK. 

We ask you to commit your time and resources by Standing Firm in Prayer, Standing Firm by speaking out to others of our mission, Standing Firm by planning to visit soon on pilgrimage and Standing Firm by your commitment to regular giving, however small. 

Please let us know of these commitments by registering your prayer group to the Prayer Bank we are building, by volunteering to be an Advocate two or three times a year, by letting us know in advance of your pilgrimage plans and by setting up a standing order; you can do this by post or email through us or set this up yourself with your bank.

Latest news

In memory of Alison Rand

In memory of Alison Rand

Jam fundraiser in memory of Alison Rand brings in £400 to support a Christian family for 4 months.



World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel, 14 – 21  September – Prayer, Advocacy, Education.

World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel, 14 – 21 September – Prayer, Advocacy, Education.

During the third week of September each year, The World Council of Churches encourages us to unite as Christian witnesses in peaceful actions around the world to promote a just peace in Palestine and Israel.



Damage, Destruction and Devastation

Damage, Destruction and Devastation

As some Schools and businesses return to normal here it is clear that life is NOT returning to normal at the same pace for our Brothers and Sisters in the Holy Land