What we do

Making a difference to the lives of vulnerable Christians in the Holy Land

Friends of the Holy Land was established to help and encourage Christians to flourish in the land of their birth.  Read more.

How you can help

Organise events to raise awareness,  raise funds or donate directly

Many of our supporters are organised though parish groups in Anglican and Catholic parishes across England, Wales and Scotland. Read more

Who we are

Entirely apolitical, & backed by Anglican and Catholic Bishops

Volunteers enable Friends of the Holy Land to fulfil our purpose and objectives, helping and encouraging our Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. Read more

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Latest news

Prayer in Wallasey Parishes

Prayer in Wallasey Parishes

Praying for our Christian family in the Holy Land is one of FHL’s four key objectives, so we were delighted to hear of prayer focused event in the Diocese of Shrewsbury. A weekend of prayer was held across three parishes in Wallasey, focusing on the plight of Christians living in the Holy Land, and the work of FHL in supporting and sustaining them. Led by FHL Diocesan Coordinator Pat Revans, a small but dedicated team of four attended all seven weekend masses making a short presentation at each.

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West Bank Summer Camps

West Bank Summer Camps

FHL were pleased to support two Christian summer schools in the West Bank this year. The first grant of £2,000 was made to the Diocese of Jerusalem to support a summer school in Nablus, which is 40 miles North of Jerusalem. FHL was one of three organisations to assist this project, providing two weeks respite relief to Christian children and their families from Nablus and the surrounding villages. The second grant of £800 was made to the Latin Parish Beit Jala, a Palestinian town to the East of Bethlehem.

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Supporting young Christians in Gaza

Supporting young Christians in Gaza

Supporting the tiny Christian population of Gaza is a vital consideration for FHL. The work that the Christian community undertakes, has an impact well beyond its size, reaching everywhere across the Gaza Strip. FHL funds two projects, in partnership with Pontifical Mission of Jerusalem, focusing on the younger members of the Christian community. 

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Recent projects that make a difference

St. Martha’s House

Since its foundation in 2009 FHL has supported St. Martha’s House, the first day care centre for elderly ladies in Bethlehem.  Read more

Repairing Homes

Many homes particularly in the old parts of towns and cities suffer from damp, which can have a serious impact on the health of the elderly. Read more

School of Joy

Since 2011 FHL have supported the School of Joy, in Beit Sahour, a Special Needs School run by Fr. Abusada. Read more