map of the Holy Land

Friends of the Holy Land, is a non-political Christian Charity. Our mission is to secure a resilient and enduring Christian community in the West Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan - the part of the world that Christians call the Holy Land

At the beginning of the 20th century, Christians made up roughly 29% of the overall population of the Holy Land. Today they account for less than 2%. Without support, the Holy places of the Bible, the birthplace of Christianity, could become cultural museums with no Christian presence at all.

The focus of our work is providing practical help directly to the most needy and vulnerable of our Christian brothers and sisters. and fund practical small projects to create employment and improve housing. We help them sustain a future in the Holy Land – most importantly to give them HOPE. We have a team of locally based lay and clerical professionals who identify and verify our cases.

Our work is ecumenical. The beneficiaries of our work come from all Christian communities in the Holy Land. Our supporters in the UK come from all denominations of the Christian Faith. We have the backing and blessing of church leaders in England, Wales and Scotland.

We achieve support for our mission in the UK in four main ways:

  • We raise awareness: of the challenges faced by Christians in the Holy Land   
  • Prayer: we encourage prayer on their behalf
  • Fund Raising: we generate funds to provide practical help
  • Pilgrimage: we encourage visits to the Holy Land to meet local Christians