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What Makes FHL So Special? 

What Makes FHL So Special? 100% of all donations from individuals, FHL groups, diocese, parishes and charitable trusts goes to needy people and projects in the Holy land. Nothing is held back for overheads, thanks to the generosity of a charitable trust that continues to fund our modest overheads (13% of donations in the financial year 2014/15) 90% of FHL funds go to individual named families, all verified by our small team in Bethlehem or our partners elsewhere in the Holy Land FHL recognises the importance of institutions to maintain a Christian presence in the Holy Land and their work for the whole community, and we support the invaluable help they give to our Christian brothers and sisters.

Pilgrimage & Prayer

The purpose of the FHL is to support Christians

“Seeing is believing”. We encourage everyone to visit the Holy Land, pray with the local community at the Sunday Service, visit a school or children’s home, be among the Christians living their daily lives and share with them support and friendship. They will then know they are not alone

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Parish Groups

Many of our supporters are organised though parish groups

Groups can be as formal and informal as they wish. Some groups meet each month for a period of prayer and reflection, sharing updates from the FHL office team in Kenilworth, identifying how best to spread the FHL message in neighbouring parishes, preparing fundraising initiatives and organising future pilgrimages.

Support Us

FHL provides resources for small projects that make a big difference

Many international agencies provide finance for major projects. Friends of the Holy Land provides resources for small projects that make a big difference to Christians in the community. Funds are made available to support projects that contribute to the sustainability of the communities, especially the most vulnerable.