Praying for our Christian family in the Holy Land is central to our work, in support of our Christian Brothers and Sisters in the West Bank Bank, Gaza, Israel and Jordan, encouraging them and reminding them they are not forgotten. Please register using the form below to join our Prayer Bank.

We have our own FHL prayer, asking for guidance in our work supporting the Christians of the Holy Land. Copies can be requested from our office by email or by calling us on 01926 512980.

FHL Prayer

Christians praying in the Holy Land"Almighty and ever loving Father, we pray for the Christians living in the Holy Land.
Lord, may the light of your love shine down on our Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. In your mercy grant them peace in their land, peace in their homes and peace in their hearts.
We pray for the work of Friends of the Holy Land, that it will bring healing and relief to those most in need. We ask you to guide Friends of the Holy Land and all who support its work by prayer, action and fund-raising.
Help pilgrims to the Holy Land to see the plight of their Christian brothers and sisters, and touch their hearts with compassion and love. 
 Lord, remember our fellow Christians in their greatest need, and help us not to forget them. Amen."

You can download a copy of the FHL prayer here

Walk in Jesus' footsteps from home

We are most grateful to The Holy Trinity and Our Lady Parish, Fleet and Church Crookham for providing reflections and stations of the cross, “In Jesus Steps”, to help guide your prayers in support of our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land in this time of crisis. 

We also hope that these reflections might inspire you to visit the Holy Land on pilgrimage once this is possible again and meet your fellow Christians.

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