Mosaic - Tree of Life Box

Box – Tree of Life

  • Size: 17cms x 17cms
  • Weight: 553gms
  • Description: Olive wood box with mosaics portraying the symbol of life

Money from sales of mosaics will go directly to Samer to help him stay afloat during these difficult times.

Prices include postage and packaging to the UK. For other destinations, please contact the office ([email protected] or tel. 01926 512980)

About Samer

Samer has built up his small business in Beit Sahour, 5 minutes from Shepherds Fields, since 2002. Unfortunately, from March 2020 with no pilgrims in Bethlehem, business has disappeared, and he has been left with no income but still needs to pay rent on his small workshop and separate gallery. He produces all the items seen on the FHL website personally, using stones from the local area – red stone from Bethlehem (the same source as stone in the Nativity Church), yellow from Jerusalem (from near where Jesus was crucified), red/brown from Ramallah and other colours from around Hebron and the wilderness area outside Bethlehem.

In addition to the above items, Samer also has a full set of Stations of the Cross, suitable for a new Church or one that was being refurbished. For photographs of the full set, please contact the FHL office ([email protected] or tel. 01926 512980).