Our efforts flow from Christians through Christians (our Holy Land team and partners) to Christians - working where we can with individuals and families directly. In this way we can see the impact our supporters make, one life at a time, and report on their progress.

Our brothers and sisters have lived with uncertainty, fear and economic hardship for more than three generations now. They suffer from travel restrictions and some discrimination when applying for jobs or housing. Basic needs, housing, electricity and water are expensive, and can total more than 60% of their generally low incomes with 76% living below the poverty line. In the West Bank and Jordan there is no government support for healthcare, unemployment or social services.

In our work we are continually challenged to strike a balance between meeting the emergency needs of individuals and families, primarily for medical procedures or medication and helping them build a better life and a stable future through opportunities to progress in education and employment. We have also developed projects to meet specific needs within the community, such as the School of Joy, St Martha’s House and ongoing housing improvements, which improve the overall quality of life and stability.

The Coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult to strike this balance. So many are now unemployed that they struggle to buy food, pay rent and utility bills and pay for medicines.

For example 43 year old Ramez worked as a carpenter and an upholsterer in a factory and his wife worked in a souvenir shop in Bethlehem, they have two school age children. Before the crisis they were barely surviving on a total monthly income of around £1,000 per month. His wife has not worked since March, Ramez was fortunate to receive half- salary for 3 months but the family have had no income now since June. We have stepped in with emergency support in July but until tourism returns, the family’s bills mount up, they struggle to find money for food and the school fees need to be paid now the children are back at their studies. Our financial help has had a direct impact for Ramez and his family, taking a little of the worry and strain away from them.

Can you help us make more of an impact and help more Christians like Ramez?