We would love you to fundraise for us. Would you like to fundraise on your own or as a group?

Derek Austin sponsored walkIf you would like to fundraise on your own, here are some starter ideas:

  • Do a sponsored event. This could be something simple like a sponsored walk or bike ride, a sponsored silence or perhaps giving something up, like alcohol or swearing!
    Or you could be adventurous and undertake a challenge event like a marathon, hiking challenge or even a skydive!

  • Are you a fabulous baker? Could you sell your bakes? 

  • Do you have lots of seasonal produce and could make and sell jam, juice or just sell the produce on its own?

  • Are you a talented crafter? Could you make and sell your crafts? 

FHL Casino night fundraiserIf you would like to fundraise a group, some of the ideas above might be suitable on a larger scale. Other ideas you could try:

  • Organise a quiz night, virtually or in person once it is allowed

  • Do an afternoon tea. This is best in person once allowed again, but our Solihull Group showed us you can deliver teas to people in their own homes and everyone will still greatly enjoy it

  • Run an event such as a ceilidh or a casino night