Raise money celebrating a special occasion. Dedicate your birthday, wedding anniversary or other special occasion to Friends of the Holy Land, or mark a milestone in your life.

In these unprecedented times we are all marking the big occasions in our lives differently. Could you use this as an opportunity to support the work of FHL and raise awareness about us to your wider family and friends?  

When you’re celebrating an important event, the most meaningful gifts are often the things you can't unwrap. 

Many of us have all we need. Wouldn't it be rewarding to know that your friends and family were giving to a good cause in your name rather than buying unnecessary presents?   

So, why not give ask your guests, friends and family to make a gift in kind? Mark your special occasion with a celebratory donation to Friends of the Holy Land and know that you will be making a difference to Christians who really need it.

Please contact the office for more details by calling 01926 512980 or emailing [email protected]