Report of the visit by Father Abusada

Yesterday was 27th Sep 2022, we welcomed to the School of Joy His Eminence Bishop Declan and the pilgrims from Clifton Diocese.

The organizer is Sarah Adams and the pilgrimage Chaplain Fr. Eugene Campbell.

At 9:15 am 25 persons have arrived to school of joy, and we welcomed them warmly, Fr. Eugene was leading this group, they went up to the hall of the school.

Fr Mamdouh gave speech about the school service, and about the special needs students, and about the challenges that we are facing.

Fr. Mamdouh spoke about the help from FHL to school of Joy, and about the other projects that FHL supporting in The Holy land.

The group then visited the students in their classrooms and spoke to the teachers, they took pictures with the students, they played with some students, and they were impressed.

They had their coffee and left.

Then the second group came at 10: 45 am, it was led by His eminence Bishop Declan.

Again, the group sat in the hall of school of Joy, and Fr. Mamdouh gave speech about the situation of The Christian families in Bethlehem region, and then spoke about the challenges that are facing the service of school of joy.

Fr. Mamdouh Spoke about the support from FHL and noted that any donation should go to FHL.

The bishop had his own camera man with him, he took pictures for our students, and covered all the visit.

The group generously made donations and bought Olive Wood items.

Many thanks for their solidarity and support.

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