Many Christian families are living in unhealthy or unsuitable housing as they cannot afford the work needed. Many people are living without a clean water supply due to the frequent water shortages. We know that helping Christians of the Holy Land to live in a healthier and more suitable environment will encourage them to remain in the land of their birth.  

Our project work in housing is varied and includes projects such house renovations to eradicate damp, the division of family homes into two units, refurbishments to suit mobility needs and water supply projects, such as installing water butts, to help counter the impact of water shortages.

Making a house a home for Anwar

Anwar is one of the Christians we helped with a housing refurbishment. Anwar is disabled and relies on his wheelchair for mobility. Living in a traditional two-storey property in Bethlehem with steep stone stairs leading to the first floor meant the bathroom and bedroom were virtually inaccessible to him.  Although Anwar made a modest income repairing electrical appliances, the costs associated with remodelling his home to meet his needs were way beyond his means.

We oversaw the complete upgrade to Anwar’s home, adapting it to meet his needs. A fully accessible shower room was installed and a bedroom created by dividing the living room, both on the ground floor. Improvements were made to the kitchen to suit a wheelchair user, a ramp was created to provide better access to the living room, the building was damp proofed and all the electrics were upgraded. The result is that Anwar can now live with dignity and independence alongside the rest of his family.

Engineers and contractors were sourced from the local Christian community for the refurbishment, supporting FHL’s mission to provide employment for Christians in the Holy Land and to help build resilient and sustainable Christian communities. 

Keeping water and electricity flowing

Another example of how we are helping is a project in collaboration with Pro Terra Sancta to support the poorest families by repairing and replacing local water supply networks, installing solar panels and water tanks on their homes. Both water and electricity are switched on and off unpredictably in the West Bank and Gaza, so water storage tanks and solar panels make a huge difference to people's lives.

This project not only benefits these families but also provides employment for those carrying out the work at a time when work is very scarce. 

There are currently 70 families on the waiting list to receive new water tanks for their homes. We at Friends of the Holy Land are committed to seeing these people helped in the coming year. This is just one of the projects that your donation could support when you give to us this year.

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Watch the Christian Media Centre centre video about the water project here