Wirral Coastal Walk 11th June 2023

Report by Anne Litherland

Having seen the conditions in occupied territories on a pilgrimage, I wanted to support those who need it most through the Friends of the Holy Land. On Sunday 11th June, I took part in the annual Wirral Coastal Walk, organised by North Wirral Rotary Club. The walk is 12.5 miles with many hundreds of people taking part for many different charities. Some walkers walked the whole distance, as I did, and others choosing to walk 4 or 8 miles.

Although the walk has been running since 1986, this was the first time I’d attempted it. I walked with Jill, a friend and fellow parishioner, who was raising funds for the local charity Stick and Step, and her friend Netty, who is partially sighted and walked part of the route with her guide dog, Dubs and part self-guided as it was too hot for Dubs to do the full route.

View to Liverpool at start of walk View to Liverpool at the start

The previous day had been unbearably hot, but an overnight thunderstorm cleared the air and brought temperatures down to a manageable level. Also, as the walk is along the coast, there were very welcome sea breezes during the morning.

 At the start with Netty, Dubs, Jill and Anne

We set off at 9am from the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton all along the coast to Hoylake where we stopped briefly for lunch. Then we took the inland accessible route, rather than walk on the sand, so it was easier for Netty to manage. At West Kirby we joined the Wirral Way, a linear Country Park celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It was lovely to walk in the shade for this next stage. Near Cubbins Green the main walk joined us so the last mile and a half to Thurstaston Visitor Centre was much busier with not only the walkers but also cyclists and families out and about.

 Nearly there!

At Thurstaston, we reached the finish line, obtained our certificates and a well-earned cup of tea. We completed the walk in just under 5 hours. As it is a linear walk transport was available to take walkers to the nearest train station or to the start. Thunder threatened again but thankfully held off until later in the afternoon. It was so encouraging to see so many people of all ages, raising funds for many charities and community groups and enjoying themselves at the same time.



I enjoy walking, although don’t often walk this distance, and felt fine afterwards, and although I was tired the next day, I felt it was worthwhile. A small sacrifice for those who have such hard lives.

In Wallasey, there is a small group who promote Friends of the Holy Land through fundraising, but the events stopped during Covid, so this was a good opportunity to raise funds and awareness. The group helped me publicise the event and collect the sponsorship and funds in our parish of Holy Apostles and Martyrs. The parishioners have been very generous. So far £504 have been raised, thus exceeding my target of £500!

I want to thank our local FoHL group, especially Gwyneth, the FoHL office staff for their help and resources, my parish for their generous donations and also North Wirral Rotary club for organising the event.