Pilgrimage to the Holy Land Thursday 22nd February - Friday 1st March 2024

with optional Jordan extension from 1st - 5th March 2024

Peter Rand, FHL Vice Chair, writes, “As a longstanding member of the Catenian Association, I know that every other year since 2010, the Association has organised a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. I feel it is very important for all of the members to have the opportunity to experience the Land where Jesus walked and meet the ‘living stones’ of our faith. So many returning pilgrims from previous visits to the Holy Land have described it to me as a life changing experience, an opportunity to grow their faith, bringing to life the Holy Sites they read about in Holy Scripture.

When I became aware that none was being planned until at least 2025, I personally agreed to help organise a pilgrimage in partnership with the Association using JC Journeys as the Pilgrimage Tour Operator and Laila Tours in the Holy Land as the company making all the arrangements over there. Laila and her team have organised the logistics in the Holy Land for every Catenian Pilgrimage. I hope this will be a unique occasion, as we emerge from the pandemic and the other trials of the past three years, for those who want to stand side by side with our Christian brothers and sisters over there. Services in both Catholic and Anglican traditions will be available during the pilgrimage, as you will read in the provisional itinerary.

With the support of the FHL Team in the Holy Land, we shall be meeting local families in Bethlehem, visiting FHL flagship projects in Bethlehem, St Martha’s House, the first Day Care Centre for elderly ladies in the City and the School of Joy, for children with special needs. The generosity of all the charity’s supporters allows Friends of the Holy Land to be the sole funder of both these institutions and ensure they continue to thrive. FHL make these visits available to all pilgrimage groups as part of their itinerary, however, in addition, we shall be meeting local members of the Catenian Association for dinner in Nazareth and taking an evening meal in small groups in the homes of Christians in the City."

As well as 8 nights including Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and the principle Holy Places around the Sea of Galilee, there is an optional 4-night extension to Jordan.


The pilgrimage is being led by the Rt Rev John Arnold, Bishop of Salford supported by Fr. John Deehan, a Catholic Parish Priest in London, Revd John Reese, a retired Anglican clergyman in Leamington Spa. Each has extensive experience of the Holy Land.

For the full itinerary and the opportunity to book and guarantee your place, please visit www.jcjourneys.com/fhlcatenians, email [email protected] or call the team on 01886 812862.


To read more about pilgrimage to the Holy Land you might like to look at these guidelines from the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, published recently. 

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW) have put together guidelines about pilgrimage, a useful document covering the nature of pilgrimage, why go, Christians in the Holy Land and some practical information including contacts, safety etc. Click here to read the guidelines