On 7 October 2023, the world was horrified at the sudden eruption of war in the Holy Land, resulting in hundreds of deaths, injuries, and displacements. Since that time, those numbers have multiplied into the thousands, as open hostilities have drastically escalated. Innocent civilians, especially women and children, have been caught in the deadly crossfire. the Archbishops of Canterbury and Jerusalem have called us to support the work of the Anglican-run al-Ahli Arab Hospital’s vital work in Gaza, but also for the Diocese of Jerusalem’s ministries throughout the Holy Land which are also being greatly affected by the Israel-Hamas war.
As Advent begins and we look forward to Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus, we remember that many of our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land are facing a very different reality from the one that we are living and we all long for a time of peace. We will be fundraising for Friends of the Holy Land as our financial giving over this Advent and Christmas period. Lucy Bubb