The ideas on this page could be done in a parish hall, or a church garden, just as easily as in a private home or garden! Why not get together as a community and have a great time?

Palestinian Barbecue

Invite your friends for a barbecue with a difference. Your friends will love a change from the usual sausages and burgers, and it's your chance to give them a little taste of the region.
Here are some ladies from St Martha's House to demonstrate how to make delicious Palestinian kebabs and Fatoush salad. For the recipes, see our Summer Fundraising Pack.

Give these Palestinian crowd-pleasers a go, serve your friends in exchange for donations and see how much money you can raise!

Cream Tea

2023 might be a record-breaking year for cream teas, with the King's coronation in a year totally free of covid restrictions. Why not ride the wave?

You could invite some neighbours round, or have a big family get together, and charge for each place at the table.

Themed Disco

Play some 70s, 80s or 90s tunes and get everybody to turn up to the church hall in fancy dress.

An entry fee and a makeshift ‘jukebox’ (pay to play your favourite song) will raise a few pennies and bring a lot of laughter!

Clothes Swap

Organising a Clothes Swap is a great excuse to get together, have a good clear out after the pandemic, and raise a bit of money. You might just bag yourself a bargain, too… 

See our leaflet for tips on how to make it work - click here.

Car Wash

It’s easy to set up, it can be done on your driveway but works even better in a church car park and can be advertised in the parish newsletter.

The dusty roads of summer are the time when people need to clean the car more. Car washes are great fundraisers for young people. It gets kids of all ages plenty of outdoor exercise & they have a blast getting each other wet! Charge just £5 a car and see how much money you can raise.


Gather some of the best chefs you know and charge a whole load of judges to pay for the privilege of tasting the goodies they create! If there are one or two tech whizzes in your midst, you could even imitate the hit TV show by filming a few different challenges and make them into episodes for your family and friends to watch.

How would it work? Let’s say you manage to get 5 expert bakers to each bake a cake, a bread, and a tart. For a fee of £10, a “judge” would get to taste all 15 items that have been baked, scoring each product in categories such as taste, texture and presentation. Whoever gets the highest scored across all 3 goods will be crowned the Bake-off champion!

Garden Cinema

Want something a bit more relaxing? There’s nothing better than watching your favourite film under the stars. If you don’t already have one, borrow a projector from a colleague or friend and host a big screen experience your friends and family will never forget.

You could ask them to donate £5 for the privilege. All proceeds from the box office – as well as the homemade popcorn, of course – will go towards helping FHL’s mission. If you don’t have the right kind of garden, you can always host the screening in your living room or local church hall!

Wimbledon (3rd  – 16th July)

For two weeks in July, everyone’s talking tennis – it’s synonymous with the British summer. Wimbledon fortnight is the perfect opportunity to run a sweepstake. Put the name of each player (or the favourites, at least) into a hat and get everyone in your office to pick a name. Ask them to donate £2 to take part and give the winner a prize.

You could also throw a Wimbledon-themed garden or office party. Serve up strawberries and cream, asking guests to donate £2 per punnet. If they really want to get into the spirit, they could come dressed as their favourite star – donning Rafa wristbands or a Venus visor – and ask people to sponsor them to look silly!

Puddings for Palestine flyer with Palestinian cake

Puddings for Palestine

Most of us love cake. Get together with friends and bake cakes and deserts to sell and call it Puddings for Palestine. Even better if you can have a few Palestinian-style cakes to tempt people to try something new. Maybe there are some businesses near you who would be willing to donate something tasty to sell or raffle.  

After your event, you can count up and pay in all the money you collected here:

You can also send us a cheque, or call us to pay in your proceeds over the phone. Thank you so much!

If you’d prefer to simply donate, you can do that using the button below or by clicking here.

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