Nancy and Reem, FHL Holy Land staffNancy and Reem work in our Holy Land office. They meet beneficiaries and those who hope to receive support from us.

Nancy and Reem are supported by a Holy Land Committee, consisting of lay and clerical volunteers. The Holy Land Committee supports the Bethlehem office and helps identify and verify projects and Christians requiring our support.

Nancy Wahhab

Nancy was born and raised in Gaza. She moved to the city of Bethlehem to study at Bethlehem University and got a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. She worked as an accountant in EPHPHETA Bethlehem, and working in an accountant’s office, went back to the university to get a second bachelor's degree in Religious studies. She is married and has five children.

Nancy has been working for the FHL as an office manager for the last seven years since 2014. 'I enjoy working for FHL as I feel this work is an engine of change. Meeting new people and helping those in need makes this job wonderful for changing people’s lives for the better and satisfying my inner ambition to help others.'

Reem Aburdeneh

Reem is from Bethlehem, married and a mother for four children. Graduated from Bethlehem University in 2000, she has a bachelor degree in Social Science.

After graduation she worked in the Bethlehem Arab Society for Rehabilitation in a crisis program for a while, then in 2007 she worked as a social worker at St.Joseph  school in Bethlehem.

 Reem started working with FHL September 2014. 'I love and enjoy my career with FHL because it is part of my personality. In addition I find interest in helping people.'

The members of the Holy Land Committee are:

Bishop Jamal Khader Daibes

A priest at the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem (1988). MA and PhD at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome (1994-1998). Professor of Theology at the Latin Patriarchal Seminary (Beit Jala) and at Bethlehem University. Chairperson of the Department of Religious Studies at Bethlehem University (2003 – 2013); Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Bethlehem University (2008 – 2013). Rector of the Latin Patriarchate Seminary (2013 – 2017). Parish priest of the Holy Family Catholic Church in Ramallah (2017), and General Director of the Latin Patriarchate Schools in Palestine (2019…).  Ordained Bishop of Jordan 6th May 2022.

Fr Dr Fadi Diab
Born and educated in the West Bank, Fr Fadi is the Rector St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Ramallah and St Peter’s, Birzeit.

Fr Fadi's ministry includes midweek youth service, Bible study, Women’s group, Youth group, Sunday school, an Acolyte programme, a new choir and a Celebrating Family program.

Fr Fadi provides leadership and pastoral support for St Andrew’s school, the Episcopal Vocation and Training Centre and his sister Parish in Birzeit with a developing elderly home project, St Peter’s.

His vision includes supporting the Christian community spiritually and socially, strengthening Christians in the Holy Land to enabling them to stay in the area and to continue witness to the Gospel of Christ.

Fr Fadi is a Founder of the Youth Connection for Peace Programme, a member of the Palestine-Israeli Theologians Forum, a member of the Palestine Advisory Council of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship and co-author of Kairos Palestine document and board member on Kairos-Palestine. He has presented workshops at the World Council of Churches on the theological understanding of the Palestine Israeli conflict and spoken widely at churches in the USA. He visits parishes in the UK regularly during non-Covid times.

Laila Asfoura

Laila Asfoura is the Founder of AHDAF Charitable Organisation, Executive Director of Laila Tours and Travel and a Founder member of the local Committee of Friends of the Holy Land. She serves as the Executive Director of St. Martha’s House. She has been working in the travel industry since 2005 and holds a Masters’ Degree in Tourism from Bethlehem University. As a Palestinian Christian, in the Greek Orthodox tradition, Laila is an active member of the local community.

George Sa'adeh

George Anton Sa’adeh was born in Bethlehem in 1961. He is married with two daughters, Marian and Christine, who has died. He was educated at the Terra Santa School in Bethlehem and in 2003 graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

George is Headmaster of Shepherds High School in Beit Sahour, was Deputy Mayor of Bethlehem from 2005 – 2012, is a member of the Russian Orthodox Emperor Society in Bethlehem, a member of the Israeli-Palestinian Parent Circle Forum for Bereaved Families since 2013 and a founder member of the local Committee of Friends of the Holy Land.

Husam Wahhab

Husam was educated at Terra Santa College in Bethlehem and graduated from Bethlehem University with a BSc in Business Administration. He established his accountancy practice in the City in 1994, after 8 years’ experience in Abu Dhabi and the US.  He holds a Masters’ Degree in Accounting and Professional Consultancy from the US and is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Palestine and the US. Husam lectures in accountancy in the Business Administration Faculty at Bethlehem University and is the accountant or auditor for many local businesses. He is a Board member of the Palestinian Association of Certified Public Accountants, an Examiner for the Board of Auditing Professionals, President of Catholic Action, a member of St. Catherine’s Parish Council and a volunteer member of the FHL Holy Land Committee.


Gloria Nasser is from Bethlehem. A former catechist in Terra Sancta Girls' School / Sisters of Saint Joseph.
Gloria is a part time social assistant at the same school. She is also an active member in the Catholic Parish in Bethlehem.
Gloria has a B.A. Degree in Theology from Rome, Italy and a diploma as a tour guide from Bethlehem University.


Fr. Rami Asakrieh OFM

Fr. Rami is a Franciscan Brother, the parish priest of the Latin church of St Catherine in Bethlehem and Director of the social services department.  “I believe that my work as a parish priest includes several aspects, not only that of administering the sacraments. Mine is work of welcoming and supporting the weakest.”