Welcome to Jenin. Once on a major trade route, this city has declined in importance in the last century. The last few decades have seen many incidents between Israeli forces and local Palestinians, and the city is under a tight occupation.

Distance you've covered: 23.7 miles
Elevation: 250m
Population: 50,000 (a third of whom live in the Jenin refugee camp)
Christian population: 200

Principal churches

  • Latin Parish of the Holy Redeemer (Latin Patriarchate)
  • St George’s Church in nearby Burquin (the location of Christ’s healing of the 10 lepers; Greek Orthodox)


A major trade centre for the local area, Jenin is also home to two universities and there’s a large tourist resort nearby. Movement around the city is difficult with many checkpoints. As a result, economic conditions are dire and most of the younger generation are unemployed.

Christian heritage

Nearby in Burquin is the site where it is believed that Jesus healed the 10 lepers as reported in Luke 17:11-19. As a result, the Burquin church has been a regular site of pilgrimage.

Friends of the Holy Land in Jenin

We support the local Salt of the Earth Youth Group, which brings together young people from Jenin and surrounding villages for worship, teaching and fun. 

You can hear about Salt of the Earth’s work in this video:

Time to head on to Zababdeh - a Christian settlement since the 3rd century. Enjoy your journey!