Fun for all the family – from the littles ones right up to Great Grandma. If you can get a few people to donate some half-decent prizes you might be able to justify some higher entry prices. If you can’t get hold of a Bingo set, you can create your own. There are plenty of online guides, and some help you to print out cards, like

Get together at your church or in your dining room, charging people £5 for entry. There can be a prize for the first person to get one complete line, and of course the first person to get a full house.


Another great family game, especially for the sportier ones among us. Maybe the kids could face up against the adults in an epic battle for a trophy. Team names, emblems and kits will spruce things up!

You could charge a £5 entry fee for each player.

Football Fun

Football is the most popular sport in the UK as well as in the Holy Land! Why not get two or more teams together for a football fundraiser?

We have lots of ideas for slightly unusual football fun in our leaflet - take a look here!

Boardgame Bonanza

For real boardgame enthusiasts, one is never enough. Get a few of the best set up – monopoly, scrabble, cluedo – and get a pay-to-enter competition going. People could form pairs and aim for glory together! 

You could charge each team £10 to enter the competition.

Quiz Night

Who doesn’t love getting competitive at a quiz? Make up your own rounds or find quiz questions online and make a night of it at your local church or pub. Charge an entry fee per person or team, and you can say a little about Friends of the Holy Land while you have the mic.

We've prepared a round about the Holy Land for you - see our leaflet here.

Murder Mystery

It’s likely you’ll be able to pick up a second-hand murder mystery game from your local charity shop for just a few pounds, and it will be money well spent. There will be no shortage of laughs, with each person dressing up as a character from the story and reading their scripts. The drama can unfold whilst tucking into some yummy buffet food. 

A higher entry free of £15 or £20 is justifiable if you put on a real show with great food, a smart dress code and an entertaining program.

When you've held your competitive event, you can count up and pay in all the money you collected here:

You can also send us a cheque, or call us to pay in your proceeds over the phone. Thank you so much! 

If you’d prefer to simply donate, you can do that using the button below or by clicking here.

For people who are unable to give online download this donation form for them to fill in. 

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