As restrictions are slowly eased in the UK, our children head back to school and many return to a social distanced workplace, it is clear that life is NOT returning to normal at the same pace for our Brothers and Sisters in the Holy Land in large part due to their reliance on tourism for their livelihood. This current news article makes clear the problems faced from small to large tourist businesses and the fact that the beginnings of a recovery is not expected for more than a year.

In the light of this gloomy prediction perhaps the most positive step we can each make is to commit to making a visit to the Holy Land as soon as we are able. Furthermore we could encourage others in our parishes, dioceses, colleges and schools to do the same. If you have experience of visiting before, your prayers and encouragement to inspire others who may not have previously thought of making a visit, particularly among younger Christians in the UK, is invaluable. If you have not yet been on pilgrimage, there is no better time to plan your first visit.  

The many Christians who we have helped with our projects, our partner organisations and our team in Bethlehem will make you most welcome. We would be happy to arrange a personal visit for you and your fellow pilgrims to St Martha’s House or School of Joy in particular.

Read the article by Tony Khashram, president of the Holy Land Incoming Tour Operators Association (HLITOA) and founder and managing director of Aeolus Tours