After a year of relative peace, bombs have returned to pound the Gaza Strip, a patch of coastal territory washed by the Mediterranean Sea and bordering Israel and Egypt.

The Strip is 40 km long and 10 km wide and is among the most densely populated territories in the world: more than two million people live there, almost all of them Palestinians and 65% of them are under 24 years old. Six hundred thousand people live in the city of Gaza alone. This is why Israeli attacks in the Strip always cause numerous casualties and extensive destruction of houses, hospitals, schools and shops.

But why can’t Gaza find peace?

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Story of the Butterfly Children

Pro Terra Sancta is active in the Gaza Strip to help Christian families by assisting the Holy Family Catholic Parish in Gaza City, passionately leaded by father Gabriel Romanelli.

In addition to the distribution of food, medicine and educational expenses for the children, the Association has been involved in the care and shelter of Butterfly Children since November 2020. These are children suffering from E.B. ‘Epidermolysis bullosa’, a serious and rare disease caused by hereditary factors that makes the infant’s skin as fragile as a butterfly’s wings. A hug or a caress causes suffering comparable to third-degree burns. Contact is their greatest fear.

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