We have woken up on 7th October 2023 to troubling and distressing news from Gaza and southern Israel. A barrage of rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel and gunmen from Hamas have infiltrated southern Israel in a surprise attack. Civilians in Gaza are deeply fearful of the consequences and the small Christian community is gathered together for safety as the Israeli response begins.

Throughout the West Bank tight travel restrictions are in place, all schools are closed and many shops and businesses as our brothers and sisters stay at home fearful that the violence may spread.

As violence and tensions increase, please join us in praying for a swift cease-fire and de-escalation to the violence and for peace to prevail. The Rev Su McClellan, of Embrace the Middle East has written a prayer to guide us as we intercede for all of those in Israel and Palestine caught up in the unfolding events.

Please let us all join together in praying