As we make our prayers through Holy Week, many of us are still unable to visit our churches to make our usual observances.

None of us are able to visit Jerusalem which remains empty of pilgrims for Holy Week and Easter for the second year in succession.

Thanks to the help of Tangney Tours we bring you a virtual spiritual experience for you to follow – the Via Dolorosa, from the quiet streets of Jerusalem and the empty Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

You are guided by Fr Paul McDermott, Director of the Westminster Holy Land Pilgrimage, Lara Nasrawi and Khalil Tarazi in Jerusalem with a final blessing from Cardinal Vincent Nichols.

Please remember our Christian brothers and sisters in the Holy Land in your prayers still suffering from the devastating effects of the pandemic in terms of unemployment and, in the West Bank and Jordan, from rising cases of infections due to a lack of a coherent vaccination policy.