You’ve made it to Zababdeh, an ancient farming village in the northern region of the West Bank. Expect a warm welcome from the local Christian community - starting with Fr Ibrahim, parish priest of the Church of the Visitation:

Distance you've covered: 23.7 miles
Elevation: 365m
Population: 5,000
Christian population: 3,500

Principal churches

  • The Church of the Visitation (Latin Patriarchate)
  • St Matthew’s Anglican Episcopal Church (Anglican)


Originally a farming village, Zababdeh’s economy increasingly revolves around the nearby Arab American University founded in 2000.

Christian heritage

There’s evidence of a Christian community here dating back to the third century. Local belief is that this is the site where Mary, pregnant with the infant Jesus, visited her cousin Elizabeth.

Friends of the Holy Land in Zababdeh

  • In 2015, we funded a $20,000 municipal water feeder line, resolving ongoing water shortages in the village.
  • Through the pandemic, we have provided emergency help to families and individuals in need.
  • We support the work of Zababdeh Latin School, the only independent and Christian-run school in the local area, offering the highest standard of education for Christian and Muslim children. It's the largest direct employer in the village.
  • We support the Anglican-run Penman Clinic, which provides primary medical care to Zababdeh and the surrounding villages. Many people cannot visit a doctor in a neighbouring city due to travel restrictions, so the clinic offers excellent, affordable treatment close to home.

Watch Father Ibrahim’s full welcome video here.

When you're ready, it's time to move on to Nablus. Be sure to try the traditional pastries!