As violence rages in the Holy Land, the situation for our Christian family there has gone from very difficult to critical.

Caught in the middle of terrible conflict after a year of pressure, many more families from places like Bethlehem, East Jerusalem and Ramallah are thinking seriously about emigrating. We face the possibility of the last members of the ancient Christian community leaving the homeland of our faith forever.

Your support can make all the difference

Thanks to your donations so far, we have been able to send practical life-saving supplies to around 1,100 people sheltering in the Gaza church compounds – including children and people who are injured and ill. 

George is a Christian who lives and works for our partner charity Caritas Jerusalem in Gaza. He reports:

"I convey a message to the church community... We are at risk... We and our children are innocent, and our mission is to serve the community and humanity. We feel like we've died while still alive. Stand with us and support us."

We're working with our many partners to send help. We have so far sent nearly £30,000 to the Diocese of Jerusalem's appeal to supply medicines and other basic needs to the devastated Al-Ahli Hospital, thanks to your amazing generosity.

A dark Christmas in Bethlehem

Meanwhile, in Bethlehem, all the Christmas lights have been taken down in solidarity. The celebrations usually attended by thousands of tourists and pilgrims have been cancelled and the hotels stand empty. 

For the 80% of Bethlehem residents and some 5,000 Christians in Jerusalem who depend on tourism to survive, this is a disaster on top of a frightening time and many are losing hope. We need to get urgent support to these families at Christmas, as well as those suffering in Gaza.

Now is the time to light a candle for our brothers and sisters

The Holy Land's Christians have been a light, both spiritually and practically, in the region for thousands of years. They follow Jesus where he walked and love their neighbours by providing the vast majority of hospitals, quality schools, universities and social care in the Palestinian territories. We can’t let that light go out in our generation.

With our office in Bethlehem, we are well-placed to use your donations to respond very quickly to families’ urgent needs in the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem and Israel. With emigration looking more and more like Christians' only option, this is the time to help and invest in this vital community's future.

Our brothers and sisters will weather this storm comforted by our practical help. Light your candle for them with a gift and a prayer today - thank you.