Your donations can bring new life to a community in crisis

Thanks to your generous contributions, we are getting vital emergency aid to where it is most needed. We are also empowering individuals, families and communities to create better ways forward thanks to the Hope & Healing Fund projects.

Here are some of the ways we are already helping, and plans for future projects:

Emergency Support Programme for people most in need, and trauma counselling for children:

Our Emergency Support Programme helps the most vulnerable families to meet their basic needs. In this ever-changing situation, the fund continues to meet urgent and serious physical and emotional needs identified by our on-the-ground contacts.

> Meet Afifa who has received support from us

• Nursing scholarships, training the next generation of medical staff:

Young people need jobs to support their families, serve their communities and stay in the Holy Land. Our scholarship fund offers vocational training in nursing and other areas where there are skills shortages such as plumbing, electricians, hospitality and IT.

> Thanks to FHL from George, a nursing student.

> Hear from Dana, a nursing student.

Water Aid, tanks and wells for safe and clean drinking water:

Our Water Aid project will help around 96 West Bank families access a clean and safe water supply thanks to six new wells and 180 high-quality water tanks. Each family will be supported with two tanks, offering social justice for over 500 people and improving their quality of life.

> Watch to learn more about the vital need for our water project, and how the tanks are installed.

> Watch our video about our recently completed water project in Bethlehem, helping 48 families with replacing their water tanks and solar panels.

• Vocational Training, getting graduates into jobs and filling skills shortages:

Unemployment for young graduates in the Holy Land is high - 41% for women and 20% for men. The AFAQ Project provides important practical experience in a chosen career path through further study or internships.

> Find out how AFAQ is helping graduates into jobs.

Small business support, training and grants to help start-ups succeed:

For the Christian community to have a sustainable future, it needs income that doesn’t rely on pilgrims, tourism or crossing into Israel. We are helping people start small businesses in the West Bank by providing business development, coaching and start-up grants.

> Meet some of the business projects helped by the AFAQ project:

> Feel the joy of the Zayyan band.

Help us to power more projects filled with hope

Together we can help the Christian community not only to survive this bitter crisis, but also to create a brighter future where they can thrive.

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