Our special Lenten Appeal this year will be to raise funds for Friends of the Holy Land to support their mission to bring hope and healing in Gaza and the Holy Land.

Friends of the Holy Land works to support the lives and witness of Christians living in the Holy Land through prayer and practical projects, recognising the importance of their continued presence in the land where Jesus once walked. Now more than ever, their projects focus on Support, bringing Hope and Healing to help the Christian and wider communities in the Holy Land endure the crisis and become more resilient.

The fund will support:

 Gaza: directly helping those in need

Friends of the Holy Land report that there are still about 820 adults and children sheltering in Gaza’s two main churches. Every day involves fear, prayers, and little food - they have 2 cooked meals a week per person with one loaf of bread every 4 days to supplement in-between.

 The West Bank: building resilience

In Bethlehem and the rest of the West Bank, mass unemployment has hit hard. 80% of Palestinian Christians have lost their income as tourism has collapsed and travel to work is restricted.

 In the short-term, they are helping desperate families pay the bills. In the long-term, they will help them develop other businesses that are less reliant on tourism.

 Donate to add to the Hope & Healing Fund here

 Please also take time to pray for the conflict to end in Gaza during Lent.

 God bless.

Fr Michael