Friends of the Holy Land offers a scholarship programme for vocational training in shortage occupations. With these grants, we’ll help individuals access the qualifications they need to step into skills gaps in areas such as hospitality, IT, electrics, plumbing and nursing. There is excellent training available from local vocational training centres, which see 90% of their students walking straight into a job.

Some of these courses are open to anyone of working age, so we’ll also help adults whose jobs have disappeared in the wake of the pandemic to retrain and fill key roles in their communities.

‘I’m interested in computers. Rather than studying them in books, I wanted to work with them, fix them and learn how they work. The teachers make it enjoyable, they are friends to you.’
Jazeed, IT student in the West Bank

Your gift, as a one-off or regular donation, will help people like Jazeed gain the skills needed to get into work. Your kind support will help put a school leaver on a career path so they can bring their family out of poverty and have a stake in the future – one more Christian family who will remain in the Holy Land!