There are many individuals and families who are unable to find the money to buy the essentials of life. These are brought to our attention by local clergy and the FHL Holy Land Committee. We are seeing more families where the parents are now unemployed due to the pandemic and the resulting loss of tourism in the Holy Land. These families were previously able to afford to support themselves but now find they cannot afford their basic living costs and are turning to us for help.

Families who receive income support on our programme are each reviewed on an annual basis and receive 500 shekels a month (around £115) to help them with their daily living costs. Currently we support 84 families but we have a lengthy waiting list.

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Jane'sJane with her niece and nephew family is one of those on our support programme. Jane is 39 years old from Bethlehem, lives with her mother, unmarried brother, and her nephew and niece. Jane's brother has been unemployed for 3 years, struggling to find any source of income.

Her nephew and niece are 12 and 11, their father died when they were little.

Jane works in a salon but her income is not fixed. Her mother receives a small pension from her deceased husband.

Jane has full responsibility for the two children but her income is not enough to support them all. They are very grateful for our Family Support programme.

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